There are many people to acknowledge and thank for their participation and contributions in this nine year research project, but before beginning I want to recognize the reality and merits of the Internet, which was used extensively and literally daily as this initiative proceeded. Without this magnificent tool much of this research and the literally dozens of people, places and entities contacted, could simply never have been undertaken.

An excellent starting point for thanks is with George DeKay of rural London, a volunteer coordinator with the West Williams history project who was my first real contact in providing initial information on Patrick Kilgallin, and assistance in preparing a family history for the West Williams history book. I am also grateful to George for referring me to Don Read of Napeon, a retired teacher and highly skilled genealogical researcher and Chief Architect of the Bornish St. Columba 150 year history project. Don was a source of invaluable genealogical expertise and went far out of his way over several years to provide census information on the Loughlin and Kilgallins, volunteer to look for Andrew and Catherine's wedding in the National Archives in Ottawa, and provide strategic advice on how to find the Deverell church records in Ontario.

I am especially grateful to my contract researchers, and my good fortune in finding such superb resources sight unseen via the Internet. Diane Oslund of Diane's Genealogy, Ferndale, without whose persistence, insight and attention to detail  Michael would never have been found. Michael Russell of Backtracks Genealogy, Toronto whose thoroughness and willingness to go beyond simple research and chase down Toronto obstacles led eventually to Aunt Margaret Helens discovery.

My thanks also extends to the Ontario Genealogy Service, for their excellent publications, books, Branch newsletters and Inquiry services. A special thanks to the Elgin and London-Middlesex Branches to which the Author belongs and to the Dufferin, Huron and Waterloo Branches who were also of service. I particularly want to single out Jim McCallum, Bob Moore and Pat Temple of the Elgin Branch for yeoman research efforts on local London and St Thomas records which were critical to the unraveling of mysteries of ancestors lives there.

A special recognition and thanks is owed to newly discovered cousin Denise McGarvey of Toronto for all her contributions to making the Deverell and Devlin history come alive, and for meeting us at the Dufferin Museum and sharing her knowledge and the family bible. And to Bob McIntee of Mount Forest whose research gathering was invaluable and without whom Denise would never have been discovered.

Also to Paul Young of Thornhill, Ontario whose decision to answer an Inquiry in the Waterloo newsletter led to the discovery of another cousin and significant new information on the Mihms.

A very special thanks is owed to my brother Ted in Souris who shared many of the searches and discoveries with me over the past nine years, and whose own contributions on the 2001 St. Thomas census was a catalyst for much that came later. His support and encouragement to keep looking for Michael and Margaret, and his sharing of information about our father Joseph on events, recollections during his youth was invaluable. Thanks also to his daughter Susan Murphy in Toronto who found Patrick and Margaret Kilgallin's Will.

Finally, to my wife Jackie and family, daughter Stephanie and son Bryce the latter two who no doubt tired of the endless stories but whose support and encouragement were constant. Jackie especially, whose ideas suggestions and critiques  were invaluable in providing a different perspective on so many finding and whose proof reading, editing and computer skills were critical to this final manuscript. And as a companion, fellow traveler, navigator and especially driver on five cross country trips in eight years, including her walking and access to so many places that I could not physically access. Last but not least our son Bryce whose apartment since 1999 in Toronto served so well as a local headquarters when we were in Ontario, and whose participation and companionship on the trips to St. Thomas, London, Detroit and Flint along with his interest, driving, navigation and video taking skills were so timely and appreciated.