Chapter I   Guide to a Genealogical Journey                           

Chapter II  The Murphy Family in the Twentieth Century                                                                                  

                    Joseph Edwin Murphy

                    Joe and Frank's Trip of a Lifetime

                     Joe and Mary

                     Murphy Family Descendents

                      Mary Herriot Deverell

Chapter III  Murphy Ancestors in Quebec, London and Detroit

                      James Murphy and Margaret Bulger

                       Andrew Murphy and Catherine Feely

                       Michael Murphy and Annie Kilgallin

Chapter IV  The Search for Michael Murphy

                      The Search Begins

                       Diane's Genealogy

                       Michael is Found

Chapter V   Finding Aunt Margaret Helen

                     About Margaret

                      Backtracks Genealkogy

                      Whither Margaret Helen


Chapter  VI  Irish Canadian Ancestors in Quebec - The Feelys

                       Bridget Coronan and John Feely

                       St. Patricks de Quebec

                       Grosse Isle


Chapter VII  Irish Canadian Ancestors in the Huron Tract - The Loughlins

                       John and Catherine Loughlin

                       The Huron Tract

                        St. Peter's Roman Catholic Mission Church

Chapter VIII   Irish Canadian Ancestors in Middlesex County - The Kilgallins

                         Patrick and Margaret Kilgallin

                         The Kilgallins


                          The Donnelly Connection


Chapter  IX    Irish Canadian Ancestors in Dufferin County - The Deverells

                        William Deverell and Harriet Howard

                        William Deverell and Margaret McEvoy

                         Searching for the Deverell's in Ontario

                         Dufferin County Museum and Archives

                         William Deverell and Sarah Devlin

                          Ambrose Deverell and Maude Herriot

Chapter  X    Irish Canadian Ancestors in Mono Township - The Devlins

                        Hugh and Margaret Devlin

                         St. Cyprian Roman Catholic Church

Chapter  XI     Scottish Canadian Ancestors in the Town of Galt - The Herriots

                         James and Jannet Herriot

                          James and Mary Herriot (Mihm)

                          William Herriot

                           Recollection of Uncles and Aunts

Chapter  XII    German Ancestors in Waterloo Township - The Mihms

                          Adam and Mary Mihm

                          Dora, Christine and Mary

                          Where are Adam and Mary Mihm Buried

                          Adam of Fulda


Appendix I    Maps     Map of Ireland

                                     Map of Scotland

                                     Map of Germany

Appendix II    Murphy Family Tree

Appendix  III   Table of Siblings of Family Tree Ancestors