BSc. in Civil Engineering 1962

University of Manitoba


1962-1965    Planning and Design Engineer, Winnipeg, Manitoba P.F.R.A.

                      Dept. of Agriculture Gov't of Canada                

                      Five Reports Pembina River Project and Winkler Irrigation Scheme

                      Titterton Dam-Preliminary Engineering Report

                      Boyne River Project-Small Dams, Carmen-Norquay Reach

                       Joubert Creek Project-Grunthal Dam- Preliminary Engineering Report

1964-1965     Construction Engineer-Small Projects  Manitoba

                       Mossy River Dam

                       Pilot Mound Dam

                       Stephenfield Dam-Spillway Repairs

1966-1968     Resident Engineer-Shellmouth Dam, Manitoba

                       Boston Horseshoe Conduit Contract

                       Spillway Contract

                       Final Earth fill, Closure and Riprap Contract

1968-1974     Regional Engineer-Manitoba  D.I.A.N.D. ,Gov't of Canada

                       Major capital projects on Manitoba Indian Reserves. Schools, roads, 

                       water and sanitation systems and utilities. Manage design process and 


                       Coordination and supervision of the day labour Housing Program

                        Management of the northern winter freight resupply operation

                        Technical supervision of facilities operation and maintenance program

                        Community planning

                         Supervision of an engineering and technical staff of 20 personnel

1974-1976       Project Manager-Manitoba  Public Works Canada

                         Organization and management of a day labour construction unit to 

                         construct large schools while employing and training Indian workers.

                         Coordination with Client and oversee design process and consultants.

                         Supervision of a technical staff of 12 plus 150 tradesmen and workers

1976-1979       Executive Director-Project Management Branch  Dept. of  Northern 

                         Saskatchewan  Prince Albert, Sask.

                         Implementation of a comprehensive infrastructure program throughout

                        Northern Saskatchewan primarily by day labour/own forces as below

                         Buildings and Municipal engineering Branch

                         Roads and Transportation Branch

                        Construction Branch( own forces road equipment)

                         Northern Housing Branch

                         Property Management Branch

                         Materials Management Branch

                         Management and supervision of a professional, technical and 

                         construction staff of about 1000 personnel

                         Branch programs and Northern Housing and Construction Advance 

                         Account budgets and cost center structure

1979-1983       Assistant Deputy Minister-Project Management Sector D.N.S.

                         Prince Albert, Sask

                         Overall sector responsibility includes all of the above with following 

                         changes or additions. Combine Construction Branch with Roads and 

                         Transportation. Establish new Equipment Branch

                          Sector Planning Secretariat 

                          Executive Committee, Treasury Board liaison and approvals, Public

                          Accounts and Legislature Main Estimates, Ministerial briefings and 

                           office liaison, Federal and Provincial inter-departmental coordination

1983-1984         Senior Manager-Southern Alberta, Indian and Northern Affairs 

                           Canada, Calgary, Alberta

                           Responsible for the management and delivery of Education, Social

                           Services, Economic Development, Land, Reserves and Trusts, 

                           Capital Management, Engineering and                            

                           Band Government services to the Indian Reserves of Southern 

                           Alberta.  Staff 150 py.

1984-1986         Director of Operations-Alberta Region, Indian and Northern Affairs

                           Canada.  Edmonton, Alberta

                           Responsible for the management and delivery of all Departmental

                           Services as described above to the Indian  people and Reserves

                           in Alberta  Staff 500 py.

1986-1991        Regional Director-Engineering and Architectural Services, Western

                          Region, Public Works Canada  Edmonton, Alberta

                          Responsible for the design, construction and project management of

                          all capital projects to federal client departments in the Western 

                          Region, comprising Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the


                          Delivery was via the following sectors Buildings, Land Transportation

                          Air Transportation, Marine and Indian Affairs.

                          Responsible for customer relations with all clients, the A&E services

                          being optional, and for management of staff levels and overhead cost

                          and fee revenue generation such as to deliver an annual corporate

                          contribution of 20%..

                          Annual sales $250 million  Staff 600 py.

1991-1994        Regional Director A&E Services Pacific- Western Region P.W.C.

                          Edmonton. Alberta

                          Same as above with the addition of British Columbia and the Yukon

                          Sales $ 350 million  Staff 900 py.

1995                  Chair of the Steering Committee and Project Leader for the planning 

                          and development of a new national Project Business Management 

                          System for A&E and Realty Services

                          Full time management in final year of development. Had chaired and 

                          led this national initiative being developed and managed out of 

                          Edmonton since inception in 1991 as part of Regional Director duties

                          Project consultant was S.H.L. SystemHouse in Edmonton. Project 

                          Manager and several staff in Edmonton.Five person full time national

                          user group . Quarterly meetings of eight person national Steering 

                          Committee. Project budget $5 million