July   15   1931  We left Winnipeg at 2 P.M.and had our first tire blow out at 3 P.M.near St. Agathe necessitating the purchase of two new ones. Arriving at Emerson another delay was experienced with the customs officials. Proceeding south to the little town of Hallock we pitched camp for the night. The camp is surrounded on three sides by a little creek. After a delicious camp meal we located a very fair swimming pool near the town. We lost no time in sampling it. Mosquitoes and a rain storm during the night left us rather haggard for Thursday. We made about 84 miles.



July16 -1931  -  Leaving Hallock late in the morning we arrived  in Warren for dinner. We then proceeded through Crookston and had  another  delightful blow out within two miles of  Detroit Lakes . Another new tire and another wet night. Arising early we had a nice swim in the Detroit  Lakes. Yesterday we covered about 177 miles



July 17-  1931  -   Departed from the Lakes at 10 A.M. taking two snaps before leaving. We stopped for dinner and a flat tire at Little Falls. Proceeding onward we passed through Minneapolis and St Paul and arrived at Red  Wing about 10.30 P. M.  A celebration or pageant re Isaac Walton was being enacted. Of  course we mistook the fireworks for a royal welcome. I am writing these lines about ten feet from the Mississippi. Red Wing is a very pretty little town of fifty thousand or so. I fear from the frogginess of the river we are going to miss our swim.



July 18 -   Well Red Wing doesn't look so large this morning now that the River Convention is over. Perhaps  12,000 would  be  a better estimate. Seventeen miles further on at Lake City we stopped and took  a  swim in the Mississippi. I remember swimming in dirtier water 0once near Lauder. We had a beautiful drive today along the Mississippi and  are taking it easy. The ramparts along the river rise in many places to mountainous heights. Passing the night at a camp at De Soto. A noisy whip poor-will seems to dislike our intrusion.126 miles today. No car trouble, sunburn pretty tender, heat oppressing. Many roads are being given bituminous treatment.


July 19-   Good-bye De Soto.  Hello Madison-What a large University on the Hill. Well here's a climb. Nice little walk on the campus and then a run for the car. Talk about rain. I won't. Yes it rained until we got to the outskirts of Milwaukee. Camping spots are  few here. Serves us right for travelling on Sunday. Frank has lost the valve off the gas stove, the ground sheet and his coat and our two caps so far. Todays mileage was 229


July 20 -  Passed  through  Milwaukee about 5 a.m.  Stopped at Racine for a swim. I thought ice water was  cold, but it had  nothing on Lake Michigan  Now we're on the road to Chicago. Now we're there. What a hunt for a parking place until we found acres  on the Lake front. One old lady jumped   between the car and the one I was following I'd swear there was only 3 inches between them. That was  good  for a few snickers. We visited the Art Gallery  and  later the Planetarium but too late for lectures at latter. Took 2 snaps in Chicago,150 miles. Camped in tourist cabin's somewhere around Gary.



July 21-  Away at 10.30  Lunch in Angola, Indiana. Frank is feeling sick today. We noticed the habit of placing crosses where people were killed on the highway or intersections. Here we are in very fine tourist cabins at Camp Grand, Clyde, Ohio. This cabin is brick camouflage and contains, bed,  table, 2 wicker chairs one a rocker, electric lights, W. C. and running water, a gas heater, 2 small rugs, screens, a road map, a bench outside. Cost $1.50 for the cabin. 244 miles. Supper  tenderloin steak, bread, butter, potatoes, raspberries, milk, tea cooked by ourselves. We had a game of miniature golf before retiring.



July 22 -A few miles past Sandusky, Ohio we stopped at a camp called Andersons Acres. Here we had a delightful swim in dear old Lake Erie. What memories come crowding back. Across the Lake is the home of my boyhood days. One hour seems so short. Now we are in Cleveland. I received a card from my sister here. Ohio seems very much up hill and down dale. We are stopping for the night at a place in Pennsylvania called  Mercer ( I think ). Mileage 187





July 24 -   Hills and more hills. There is some beautiful scenery going through the Alleghenies. Through the Blue Ridge Mts; along the Susquehanna, Scranton; the Delaware Water Gap (one of the wonders of nature ) and here we land up at Budd Lake about fifty miles from New York. A glorious swim in the moonlight. We left the Roosevelt Highway and are now in New Jersey. On the route we noticed the site of an Asylum for French Royalist refugees during the French Revolution. Mileage about 240. The Asylum is a short distance past Towanda on the Susquehanna. Frank has just stepped on my pipe and broken it. Oh well who  smokes pipes in New York?



July 25  -  A short drive to Newark; then the tubes under the Hudson, the subway and here we are at 59th street beside Central Park. Now we are strolling in Central Park. The Empire State Building attracts our attention. We go down 5th Ave, as far as 34th st. and are there. We get a free ride to the top for $1.00. On the 86th floor is the observation post. We look over the city and see its plan at a glance;  East Side, the Bowery, Brooklyn Bridge, The Battery, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Woolworth, Chrysler, Flat Iron, Little Church Around the Corner, Old Trinity Church, Grand Central Station, The Elevated. We take the elevators again....




To the top of the mooring mast (102 story). One is tempted to stay here too long. Lunch is served in the observation roof and we yield. Down to the bottom in a straight drop; the elevated to Battery Park; the boat to the Statue of Liberty. An elevator takes us up part way. Their we ascend by a spiral staircase until we get up to her brow and look out little windows there. Down the staircase again. What painful things legs can be! Here we are going down Broadway in an open air street car. We find quarters for the night. Now for a good....



theatre. We found it. Lunch. Bed.  The traffic in New York is slow and sparse compared to Chicago. The policemen are very friendly and seemed to be lacking altogether in dignity. The women are odd looking creations with lips and finger nails painted in a ridiculous manner. Beggars are every where. Gave one old lady a donation. I hope it made her a little happy. Broadway is not very broad and does not altogether show up at night as the Great white Way. Frank copied an inscription from the Statue of Liberty which follows. Wall St was also observed.



July 26 -  Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral, Fifth Ave. at 9 A.M. Services at Fifth Ave. Presbyterian. Dr. Speers preached at 11 A.M. Now for a Fifth Ave Bus Riverside Drive. Here we are up on top.We pass up 5th Ave. over to the Hudson past Grant's Tomb, Fasteriks Baptist Church. Another drive in a bus and past the Church of St. John the Divine. Back to the subway to the Hudson tunnels, to Newark, Jersey City along the Hudson Boulevard to Englewood Cliffs. Here we are in a Tourist Camp.Now for a quiet rest and a good cigar on the cliffs overlooking the silver Hudson. Moonlight....


on the Hudson, a sight never to be forgotten. Three hundred feet below ferries are carrying automobiles across. How pretty they look as  they wind down the cliffs by thousands like so many fireflies. Steamers are plying up and down the river. New York is to our right and gives a beautiful effect as its lights sparkle across the river. Manhattan stretches out in unending length. And yet through all this beauty runs a note of sadness. What an amount of filth does darkness hide? How unhappy are the faces that gaze at us. Poor humanity what are you .....


living for? Why not enjoy your misery and get it over with. I do not know which is more interesting the people we meet or the scenes we enjoy. Wherever man has laid his hand nature's beauty seems to be destroyed and everything is dark, dank and dirty. We were fortunate in getting a cheque cashed today. Frank had three cents and a big appetite and I had forty and a bad thirst. We took two snaps today from the Hudson Blvd. overlooking the city.



July 27 - We continue along the Boulevard today until we come to Bear Mtn. Bridge. We cross over, go through Peckskill. A little distance further and we come to New Haven. Here we stop for awhile and take a look through Yale University and then we discover a flat tire. En  route we had a swim in a lake not far from Tarrryton the home of Rip Van Winkle. We proceed onwards and reach New London. Conn. Here we camp for the night in Riverside Park. Before retiring we take a plunge in the water and find it salt and invigorating. Mileage 110





July 28 - Nothing exciting today. We pass through Providence R.I. and arrive in Boston. I received some mail here and incidentally saw some of the worst part of the town. We passed the night at Frank's aunts, two dear old ladies who couldn't do too much to make us comfortable. I noticed a terrible habit of young boys stealing rides in rear bumperettes.They were nearly all newsboys. I almost met several wrecks of humanity sadly drunk and wretched. I believe prohibition is very good for the week minded who do not know how to drink



July 29 - Ninety seven in the shade. Harry takes us to Revere Beach. The tide is in and people are bathing by the thousands. The water is like ice but we survive and are much refreshed. Now for the Bunker Hill monument (Breeds Hill). Now let us follow Paul Revere's Ride as given in Longfellow. We visit the Old North Church and explore its interior with all its box stalls. Here stood Lafayette looking at a bust of Washington. Here knelt President Monroe. Yonder is the Revere Pew. Dirty narrow streets and houses surround it. What a sordid....



atmosphere! Now we visit Paul Revere's House and go through it. Paul had sixteen children so the lady tells us. We notice a sawed barrel for a cradle. Now for Medford town where Paul watched for the signals. Here we are on the road to Lexington where the first skirmish took place between the Colonials and the English. We visit the battle field. The old church is no longer there. We visit a tavern the rendezvous of the Minute Men. Again we see many antiques too numerous to record. I remember one....



concerning a powder horn with a number of inscriptions. This horn was first owned by an American Zapirin Smythe   "His horn April ye 17 -1774"

"Horne we will strife together"    "No tools or bread   Dec. ye 11 1777 Valley Forge"

The horn evidently fell into English hands and this inscription was added  "Ye Dam rebel did make ye good horn."




Now we follow Paul Revere's Route to Concord. Here we come to the bridge where the British were stopped. This verse is on the monument

By the rude bridge that arched the flood.  To April's breeze their flag unfurled   Here once the embattled farmers stood   And fired the shot heard round the world. Ralph Emerson's home is nearby. Now we visit Louise Alcott's home. I must read Little Women and many of the drawings and costumes will have more meaning to me. The school of philosophy is....



beside it. Two large trees are before the door. Now to Sudbury and past to Fords Wayside Inn. Another visit. Here is where Longfellow received his inspiration for his Tales. A block further on we visit the Little Red School House, where Mary had a little lamb originated. Before starting on this  ride I forgot to say we looked around Harvard  University  and visited Longfellow's House. Past Concord we saw Hawthornes home. Now it is dark and starting to rain. No premonitions of trouble. Our three Boston friends don't know the way ...



back even when we get to Boston. What a delightful time getting to Middleses Street Medford. Well we got there and I am now recording today's experiences.. Plymouth is about 50 miles south. Whenever we stopped at places little boys and girls would jump on the running board and give little speeches by rote until we told them to run along. Revere Beach and the old town contains many animal like creatures in human form...


June 30 - This morning we take our Ford on a tour of inspection. We circle the State Bldg. about  ten times before we get away from it. Then a look at Trinity Church with its statue of Philip Brooks The Christ in this statue is open to criticism. Now Boston Common, The Gardens, Mother Church of  Christian Scientist. We inspect the latter. Our guide explains all. The clothes checking device was very interesting. A little further on we inspect the Art Gallery. We turn around and go down Washington Street, the main thoroughfare. It is a one way street, narrow....



dingy and red. Well Boston you've left an impression on me as a city of slum s Italians, Jews and the so called better class are very mediocre. Away again and camp for the night on the shore of Bay of Casco. A delightful camp entertainment was being enacted. Let me see there was the Pilot, the Three R' s, The Baby, and a great variety of  smutty ones.

July 31 - What did I eat last night?. My head my stomach. Well heres a tough day ahead. A beautiful camp in the pines and a beautiful swim I'll have to miss. Well nothing exciting today and now we are in a cabin at Machias. The weather is cold although the skies are clear. Well I guess bed is the best place for me. Mileage 218.



Aug. 1 - Sailing  over the bounding Maine- Detours-Me-Us. Soon we are at Calais and then into New Brunswick. Now for the Reversible Falls of  St. John. We also spend a few moments of meditation in an old church. Now out to Hampton and  a good sleep at Melis.

Aug 2- A visit to an old deserted home and church. A search for a certain tombstone. Now we are off to Moncton to see the tidal bore. At this place the tide rises up the Petitcodiac for a  height of 60 feet. Away from Moncton and into Nova Scotia. A huge relief map greets our eyes near Amherst. Now for Truro, and their Valley where Frank lives.



Aug. 3 - Rest- quiet. car washing.- a little walk to Franks little schoolhouse.A very nice day. We also visited Truro and the Park. I made a wish at the Holy Well but forgot it now.



Aug. 4 -  Friends and relatives To Truro. The Stewiacke Valley- I meet Roy Johnson's father mother and sisters. At Newton Mills I meet the Creelmans. From thence through the Musquodoboit  valley. I meet relatives of Franks, Frank and his dad in the front and Julia and I hold down the back(pretty well). We visited the Normal School, The Academy and Victoria Park the Joe Howe Falls.


Aug.  5 -  Am writing letters this morning. This afternoon we went to Black Rock to see the bore come vin. We were too late. When the tide was in high enough Frank and I had a swim and Julia watched us on the bank. We visited the dikes. Our swim was where the Shahenacadie emties into Cotequod Bay on the Minas Basin. The water was quite muddy and salt.


Aug. 6 -  Today for Halifax about 60 miles Away. A visit to the citadel, the Gardens. Dalhousie University. The Memorial Tower for Responsible Gov. and old Martello Tower, St Paul's  the oldest church in Canada, the Nova Scotian Hotel, the Lord Nelson. We there crossed the ferry to Dartmouth and came home along the old canal. In Halifax we also visited the exploded area.


Aug. 7 - A little trip to Truro  with Julia. Supper with John Fox. A little walk along Fred's brook



Aug. 8 - Sat. We followed the Post Road leading to Pictou. We arrived at Antigonish and went through St Francis Xavier Catholic University Dr Nicholson kindly showed us around. We then proceeded to Mulgrave where we crossed Canso Strait over to Cape Breton Island. Continuing on we went to Sydney and Glace Bay. From there we went to old Fort Louisbourg where we camped for the night.

Aug. 9 - Sunday  Mass at Mira's Ferry. Thence to Sydney on to Boulardere Island up the coast past Cape Smoky. Ingonish and stopped for the night at Neil's Harbor.


Aug. - We proceeded further north to Cape North as far as Bay St Lawrence and had a nice swim in the Gulf of St Lawrence. Now we come down again. After crossing over Ross Ferry we have a delightful drive on Boularderie Island  and finally land up at Glace Bay.






Aug. 11- This morning we pay a visit to Dominion 1B. Down the shaft 750 feet. trolley three miles under the sea and then make short excursions where men work drill, shovel. We are here 1000 feet under  the Atlantic. Walls covered with lime to absorb dust, ventilation, barns, trucks hold 2 1/2 tons. Reservoir, fossils, electric lights, Edison storage battery


Aug. 11 - Around the Bras d'or lakes and stuck in the mud to Hawkesbury. Spent the night in Mulgrave


Aug. 12 - Back to truro.


Aug. 13 - Away to Black Rock. No bore Cross ferry to Mailland. Down to Evangeline land and Wolfville. Kentville very pretty.


Aug. 14 - On to Annapolis Royal visit old fort back again to Truro by Shubenacadia


Aug. 15 - Julia comes along with us to Moncton. We visit at the board landing bridge on the Salmon River in a last attempt to see the bore. After a two hour we are rewarded by watching a fine one. Nothing adventurous happens on the road to Moncton. 125 miles.


Aug. 16 - We get away at 6.30. We grind off 390 miles today until we reach Rivierere du Loup on the St Lawrence. The St. John Valley was very beautiful and might well be called the Rhine of America. Quebec roads started very narrow and torturous.


Aug. 17 - Stuck in the mud  for 2 hours. It is only about 100 miles to Quebec. This we  soon cover. We get a beautiful view of Quebec from Levis. Proceeding down further we cross the famous Quebec bridge and proceed to Quebec. We visit the Citadel, Dufferin Terrace, the Basilica de Notre Dame, Montmorency Falls(10 miles) St Anne de Beaupre(22 miles) Plains of Abraham, Wolfe's Cove (Anse de Wolfe) Chemin Forilon. On the road to Montreal as dusk sets in.


Aug 18 - Nothing interesting en route except pulp mills especially at Trois Rivieres. A huge pile of wood as large as Eatons. We get to Montreal a little past noon. A visit to Notre Dame Cathedral, McGill University, Mount Royal We see the large cross which is illuminated. In the evening we pay a visit to Lamberts and are pleased to see most of the family.We start out and soon follow the Soulange Canal with its lights & boats. We camp in a cabin along Lake St Francis

Aug. 19 - Early start and  dinner at Thousand Island Camp at Gananoque. On to Toronto. To the Imperial with my sister , a good feed , cigar and bed at Rae Arthurs


Aug. 20 - A little visit today to familiar spots in London especially the Normal School. Another visit to St Thomas, several old friends etc. I place some gladiola on my mother's grave. Now a few miles to Port Stanley, a beautiful swim in Lake Erie back again to London thence to Sarnia, customs officials and ferry over to Port Huron, U.S.A. Camp at Carryans-


Aug. 21 - From Port Huron to Mackinac today about 400 miles. The Straits of Mackinac are crossed must have been four or five miles wide. Ferry 2.25. We slept in a tourist Home at St Ignace



Aug. 23 - St. Ignace to Ironwood. Nothing very interesting except continuous driving  and bad sunlight.


Aug. 23 - We passed through Superior Wis. and had dinner in Duluth Minn. Duluth seems to be strung out on the side of a hill. We pass many iron mines today and finally land up at Crookston. 398 miles


Aug. 24 - Crookston to Winnipeg. Nothing exciting except running over a turkey.