Experiences and Accomplishments of Don J. Murphy P. Eng.



  • He has headed several large architectural and engineering organizations that deliver comprehensive infrastructure programs involving hundreds of millions of dollars annually
  • Three decades of practice and experience in the planning, design, project management and commissioning of roads and airports, water and sanitation systems, dams, large buildings, and housing
  • Has negotiated multi-million dollar capital project and program agreements/contracts with both the private and government sectors, involving standards and specifications, upset costs, schedules, completion and penalty clauses
  • Negotiated and successfully implemented a two year, $25 million dollar agreement for a 150-mile northern mine site access road with a private sector consortium


  • Has been extensively involved in the development of policy over a long period of time in infrastructure and housing programs, transportation planning, community government structures, client relations, economic development assistance programs, and the development of training programs for both client/customers and staff
  • Has sat as a member of the Executive committee of several large organizations
  • Has prepared and managed operating and capital budgets for large organizations over a twenty-five-year span
  • Participated in and been an integral part of the Ministerial briefing, Public Accounts Committee, Legislative Main Estimates and appearances before Treasury Board
  • Has prepared, supervised, and administered consulting A&E, IT and construction contracts over a period of several decades including arbitration proceedings, mechanics-liens, contract claims, litigation and alternative disputes resolution
  • Planned and successfully implemented several large re-organizations involving hundreds of personnel
  • Has supervised and managed professional, technical and administrative staff including engineers, architects, planners, IT, financial, material management and environmental professionals
  • Developed a bi-annual newsletter to share the organization’saccomplishments with staff, and acknowledge specific staff contributions and successes
  • Designed and implemented comprehensive staff surveys to obtain feedback, assess concerns, publish results, and action response plans.
  • Has developed and implemented down-sizing plans for two large organizations


  • Managed several large organizations charged with delivering social, educational and economic development services and assistance to Indian and Native people
  • Has participated in the development of self-government initiatives for First Nations and Native People in both federal and provincial jurisdictions
  • Directed the development of a formula based funding allocation system for O&M and Capital funds to First Nations in a Canadian province
  • Has developed targeted trade, heavy equipment operation and facility/system operation and maintenance training programs for native people


  • Has prepared annual and five-year Business Plans for two large organization involving calculations and estimates of the cost of sales, overheads, billable fee revenues and profit/loss projections
  • Managed two large organizations, revenue dependant on billable fees and requiring profit/loss at cost centers and designated corporate contribution targets
  • Has developed a client relations policy and strategy for a large client-dependent organization
  • Has developed a marketing plan and a product development strategy for a large organization

Information Technology

  • Chaired a national Steering Committee and as Project Leader led the planning and development of a new national project business system at a cost of $5 for a national organization over a five year period.
  • Has developed several web sites and produced web-based tests/quiz utilizing Microsoft web authoring and database products.


  • Negotiated and established a Public-Private Enterprise with two private sector partners to develop and produce a CD-ROM based interactive learning program titled Teamworking for Quality
  • Has developed and implemented training programs on client relations, quality, entrepreneurship, TQM and teamwork for the managers and staff of a large organization
  • Developed and copyrighted a work-related Behavior Model/Test for measuring a workers ability level based on his behavioral approaches to work