The development of a family history requires extensive and time consuming research usually over a period of many years. This Murphy family history was substantially researched between December 1997 and April 1995, although work on so called loose ends or blank spots will go on for years as time and opportunity present possibilities of gaining new insights or sources.

In this modern age the study of family history and genealogy has been made infinitely easier through access to the internet, including the availability of literally unlimited numbers of genealogy and organizational  websites and databases as well as ease of contact via email. The availability of search engines like google and others can be a valuable and oft used tool.

This history could not have been researched and developed without constant and continuous contact by the author with dozens of internet websites and email contact with substantial numbers of people. These contacts provided significant and timely information which otherwise could easily have taken many additional years to accumulate and put together. The following describes and documents the authors sources and contacts in a generally chronological order as they were accessed and utilized.